NLP – Tidbits

Neuro –Linguistic Programming  (NLP)

Neuro –Linguistic Programming has been created by Richard Bandler & John Grinder in California in 1970s. It’s focus was on personal development, communication and psychotherapy combined into one effective modality. NLP focuses on the fundamentals of our human potential and well being which is experienced in our neurology, language, and programming.

Neurology corresponds to how our bodies function

Language related to how we communicate with others

Programming determines the kinds of internal thoughts process/ models of the world we create.


The experiences we have are directly linked to our corresponding senses such as:

Visual (seeing); Auditory (hearing); Kinesthetic (touch); Olfactory (smell); Gustatory (taste)

Identifying which of those senses we are most comfortable with, will determine the intensity in our experiences as well as comfort level in communicating with others.

All degrees and styles of communication have their own challenges and impact level which is linked to various elements such as:

  • strategies we use and set for ourselves
  • frames of reference
  • tools & techniques to apply to reshape and shift in our communication & perception


Successful results will be seen in these areas:

  • Interpersonal relations
  • Management
  • Sales & Strategies
  • Conflict & Problem resolution
  • Training courses & Facilitation
  • Developing presentation skills

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