Couples and Family Therapy

Couples may seek relationship counselling to address issues such as a lack of connection, love, understanding, trust or communication skills between two partners. Couples therapy can also be a tool to help individuals create healthy boundaries for self and within their relationship. Couples therapy is largely rooted in the present, whereby we work with you to develop effective communication skills and solutions to address your presenting concerns.

How couples and family therapy can benefit you

Address Relationship Challenges

Relationships can face various challenges, and our sessions are tailored to address specific issues affecting your partnership. Whether it's a breakdown in communication, trust issues, or a desire to deepen emotional connection, we are here to help you navigate these challenges together.

Create Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are the foundation of a strong and resilient relationship. We guide individuals and partners in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries for themselves and within the relationship. This not only fosters individual well-being but also contributes to a more harmonious and balanced partnership.

Develop Effective Communication Skills

Communication is key in any relationship. Our couples and family therapy sessions focus on developing effective communication skills that enhance understanding and connection. We provide tools and strategies to facilitate open and honest dialogue, fostering a deeper emotional connection between you and your partner.

Being Present

While we acknowledge the influence of past experiences, our primary focus is on working with you in the here and now. We collaborate to identify and address current concerns, providing practical solutions that can be implemented in your day-to-day interactions.

Solution Focused Approach

Our approach to couples and family therapy is solution-focused. Together, we explore and implement practical solutions to the challenges you're facing. Whether it's rebuilding trust, improving intimacy, or strengthening overall connection, our goal is to help you achieve positive and lasting changes in your relationship.

Cultivate Understanding and Love

Deepening understanding and love between partners is at the core of our couples therapy. Through empathetic listening, validation, and tailored interventions, we work to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your partner, fostering a relationship that is built on mutual respect, trust, and love.

Couple/Family Therapy Fees

Initial Visit
Couples - or - Family Therapy
50 mins.
$215 (tax inclusive)

Couples - or - Family Therapy
50 min
$190 (tax inclusive)

Therapy with a Registered Psychotherapist is tax deductible and can be claimed as a medical expense. OHIP does not cover Psychotherapy services. However, some insurance plans will cover Psychotherapy services. Please check with your insurance provider to find out if they will cover your services and a receipt will be issued for you to submit.

Payment accepted by Credit Card and E-transfer through the NousTalk booking platform. Sliding scale fees are available. Contact us to discuss.

Please note all sessions are offered in person and online.

We Welcome All those Who Struggle With and experience:

Anxiety (general, OCD, phobia, PTSD)
Personality disorders (borderline, narcissistic)
Mood disorders (depression, bipolar)
Emotional regulation and unhealthy responses
Effective communication
Conflict resolution and stress reduction
Life changes (job loss, move, divorce, loss of a loved one)
Relationship challenges
Lack of motivation and focus
Low self-esteem/confidence

Here for you.

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