Birds don't give up - neither should you

Updated January 6, 2024 by Renata Fulawka

Be the bird of your life's mission!

Mother nature happens to be an incredible teacher to all earthly creations. Early Sunday morning as I started my day with a cup of coffee, I got greeted by unusual visitors who decided to try to make home on my tiny balcony, namely the pigeons.

Yes, it is the season and spring is in the air, but in all these years they have not stopped at my balcony in the attempt to nest and to start their family. I was not particularly happy about this as having a family of pigeons on a condo balcony is not exactly the view that I, nor my neighbours, would want to see and encourage. I was visibly annoyed and irritated, as were my neighbours.

Fast forward a week, where I’ve been dealing with the pigeons with little success. The pigeon couple happened to be very determined and persistent in ignoring my scare tactics. They stayed focused on accomplishing their mission namely, to build a nest to lay eggs!

Due to schedule constraints, other priorities as well as having a secret hope that I was able to successfully scare them off and deter them from completing their mission, I postponed tackling this task till the weekend. However, during the week I have continuously re-adjusted the tarp covering the balcony furniture to make sure the unwanted balcony guests would not have access to any spaces under the tarp. As luck has it, that week weather was on their side as it was windy and rainy, which meant that the tarp would shift and create openings to get through.

Things I did to deter the pigeon:

-Scare them off, shush them out, clap them out and whistle them off.
-Readjusted things to cover all possible openings to get through.
-Put obstacles in place (i.e.: stones and plant stand) to increase the level of challenge and discourage them.
-I hoped it would go away.

In one week, they managed to bypass all my attempts to derail them in building a nest, started to collect lots of nest branches and they nearly succeeded. Yes, they almost did!

Things the pigeons did:

-They worked together. It was incredible to watch them work together in securing the spot. They flew by, tested the area if they could land here and stay. Obviously, their combined effort paid off and they got in at the perfect time as I was destructed enough and hopeful enough that they would change their mind and fly away.
They worked hard. It took time and effort to find the optimal location, at least for them, and bring in the little branches to build a nest.
-They stayed focused. Multiple destructions and noise were put in their way to stop them, to deter their focus and ultimately to discourage them from building a nest. They stayed focused, kept ignoring, or overlooking all destructions. They were relentless.
-They never give up. No matter how many obstacles and changes were put in their way, they kept on working together, persevering in finding an opening to get back to their nest. They were ABSOLUTELY relentless!

As much as I was annoyed, frustrated and scared of having to deal with the pigeons and their mess, they reminded me of important life lessons. Even when we experience challenges, changes to circumstance, feel frustrated, annoyed, or scared with focus and perseverance we can reach our goals.

Birds don’t give up and mostly of all do not allow any limiting thoughts and believes to stop them from reaching their goal, which we humans may struggle with it at times. They stay focused, persistent, overcame obstacles and looked for a new opening, new opportunity to complete their mission- to reach their goal.


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Nature's Life Lessons

Nature's Life Lessons

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Birds Don't Give Up - Neither Should You

Birds Don't Give Up - Neither Should You



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