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You are here!

Updated January 6, 2024 by Renata Fulawka

You are here.

We're all on this journey of life and at times we find that our way is more of a maze rather than a straight clear path.

Sometimes we are fortunate to meet our earthly angels who in their simple and gentle way help us make sense out of our life’s maze. I am fortunate to have many amazing people in my life who have been my angels, have shone light into darkness and clarity into confusion. The other day I had lunch with a colleague of mine, Wendel, who shared with me his amazement and appreciation of the mall directory sign that provides the mall visitors directions to where they need to go.

We all have been to a mall and at some point or another found ourselves walking around aimlessly in hope to find a particular store, yet were not able to find it on our own. The mall directory map is your best friend in that moment. All you have to do is look at it and notice that the first thing you see is “YOU ARE HERE”. How interesting! The process is rather simple as all you have to do is familiarize yourself with the store names as well as all the paths that you can take to get you to the store. Once you take a closer look at the map you will know exactly what path to take in order to reach the store of your choice. After spending a few minutes looking at the map you know exactly where you have to go from “HERE”.

On the other hand, what happens if you don’t know what store you want to or should go to? Well, you have two options, namely:

1. You don’t make any decisions at all and leave it to chance that you’ll know the right store when you get there by wondering around which requires time.
2. You will take few minutes longer and apply some strategies on how you want to tackle this decision making processes. Part of the strategy will be deciding what specific products do you need, what kind of store you are looking for, what’s the name, what path can you take that will get you there the fastest or longest, which will give you an opportunity to see other stores along the way that carry items of interest.

I realized that the same applies to our life. At times when we feel lost or can’t remember exactly how to get to our goal, we need a reminder of our own “YOU ARE HERE” sign. More often than not, when we feel lost or face challenges more frequently we may choose Option 1 as we are in overwhelm with all the decisions and choices we had to make so far. Even thought, Option 2 may initially take a little longer to start, however the final outcome will be better and faster due to strategies that were defined and applied right at the beginning.

What?… you may ask. It’s a great question especially that some of you may say, “Renata, there is a big difference between direction in a mall and direction in life!” The truth is- No there is not!

For some reason we tend to make our life choices, directions seem so much more complicated when we feel lost rather than treating it as a mall directory map sign whose purpose is to provide a way out. Whether you are looking for a direction in a mall or in life you have to start somewhere. That somewhere is right at “YOU ARE HERE”. In the mall, same as in life, you are at a certain location, which is your starting point in that moment. That starting point is necessary in order to know what path to take in order to reach your destination. Also, whether you get lost in a mall or in life there are two common denominators, such as a Starting Point & Direction in order to be able to move forward and reach our goal. I’m sure you can now notice and appreciate the magic of this simple yet extremely powerful sign does not only work in the mall but also in life.

Recently I’ve been faced with many life changing decisions and directions that had an unclear path and no matter what I did the outcomes were less favourable, to say the least. Actually, there seemed to be one failure after another. In those moments filled with disappointments and confusion the path forward was very unclear and sometimes, I didn’t even see any path at all. It is in those moments that I needed to be reminded that whatever decisions I make, whatever direction I go the only way to find clarity and move forward is right from were I am.

“I AM HERE” and I am standing here redefining my path to reach my destination and my only starting point is HERE and NOW. And so are you!

Balance & Joy



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